Beer for Kids in Japan?

Going the US one better than the non-alcoholic RedBull ™ mixed with real vodka, a Japanese company has introduced Kidsbeer ™, a guarana soda that looks just like your favorite brew.

It is a reformulated version of Guarana — an ordinary cola based on the South American plant — now made less sweet and a heck of a lot foamier.

(I hope it tastes better than the B to the E ™ sweet malt beverage I mentioned earlier in this journal. Remember, that was real alcohol pretending to be soda. It looks like beer, but it tastes like those energy drinks.)

Kidsbeer ™ is selling well. It is a twin of real beer in traditional brown glass long-neck bottles with classic beer labels. It is gaining popularity, even being sold as a gift item in department stores.

The theme line is translated as “Even kids can’t stand life unless they have a drink.”

I hope that line wouldn’t fly over here. It’s an obvious way to encourage underage drinking of Realbeer.