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Sushi.com Unsold??

The fabulous top-level domain sushi.com was up for bids at flippa.com. The buy it now was a cool ONE MILLION AND A HALF dollars. (A million only goes so far these days.)

It reaches the nice sum of $915,000 and IT DIDN’T SELL.

Must be nice. Would you turn down $915,000 for your domain name, no matter how top-of-its-category it was? I wouldn’t.

Check out the insane bidding. What’s more it took only 18 days to reach these blue-blood-nosebleed heights.

Sorry I wrote this. Now I crave tekka maki and sashimi.

You mean, the burgers don’t look as good as they do in the ads??

Someone has discovered and proven with photos that fast food looks better in the ads than in real life.


Years ago, I knew a bunch of genuine NYC foodies — not just people who like to cook but people who cover food in the media and promote certain brands in advertising.

Surprisingly, I could eat with them without their tearing every entree to shreds in well-reasoned attacks.

Some were food stylists, who make food look its yummiest in ads and on TV. When you realize that a vanilla custard cone is artfully sculpted shortening due to the need to withstand the effects of hot lights and the drip, drip, drip of a million needed re-shoots, you realize anything is possible. Your idea of a Big Mac won’t quite match reality. Yet The Big Mac may still be a tasty occasional meal, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Anyway, here is the link for the advertisement vs. reality comparison.

The source blog is Alphaila.

McDonald’s McBites bite the dust

Chickem McBites, those new “poppable” chicken morsels at McDonald’s, introduced in some markets this year are no longer around.

Online reviewers in general dislike them, but reviewing new fast food items puts the bar very, very low — limbo low, in fact. One review does like them, stating they have exhibit “a kick of home-style seasoning.” (This reviewer’s name, Financefoodie, led me to hope there would be some nice numbers in the review — biggest markets for McBites, profit margin compared to McNuggets, etc. No such luck. Drat.)

I considered them a nice change from Standard McNuggets with a Southern Fried Chicken flavor and appeal. My favorite “limited-time-item” is Pork McRibs — decent Carolina ribs dumbed down for the masses.

McDonald’s would do well to study the menus on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Driveins and Dives on Food Network. Any reasonably good recipe from that show would become a drive-through best seller.

I did find some McD’s numbers. Revenues climbed 6.7% in January in part due to McBites. With that bit of good news, I hope they bring Chicken McBites back. If they do, order me a snack size with sweet chili dipping sauce…