Svchost.exe error: endless reboots

With the end of Microsoft’s support for Windows XP in sight early next year, I began to look at how to upgrade my old system running winxp.

I would have gone to Windows Vista when it came out in 2007, but the press and user reviews were almost universally bad — a sluggish piece of bloatware than made XP look very good. The in 2009, Windows 7 came out. It got all the good press that Vista lacked: it was speedy, robust and with serious eye candy with the Aero visual theme.

Except from Windows XP the only one-step way to put 7 on your system was a clean install, meaning drag out all those disks for your programs. A tough order on an OS that came out in 2001.

So I will upgrade in place to Vista and then later to Windows 7 and I wanted to be sure my system was running at its best.

It was running well, booting up fast and with few crashes. But for the last week, every time it booted up there was a Svchost.eze error message which stated there was a memory glitch at 0x7C918FEA.

I looked for the error ignoring that memory location. The error occurs in several different memory locations. What’s more, there were a lot of fixes on the internet, re-registering DLLs and turning off Windows Update then re-enabling it. I tried this over and over. No go. Windows Update was never happy. And Svchost.exe error occurred at every boot up.

There were many products claiming to fix svchost errors, usually registry cleaners that allegedly fix every kind of Windows problem. I already own several registry cleaners. They fix some things, but are not miracle cures.

One product even sounds like an infomercial, as it asks “what would you pay a technician to fix this problem? $200? $150?” Good copy, but I was skeptical.

The product costs only $40 which sounds like a bargain. The question is will it fix my particular svchost.exe error? Apparently, it re-registers certain DLLs. (I’ve done that twice myself for free.)

Anyway, I found a solution. It’s at Fix Svchost.exe Application Error – Memory Could Not Be Written

The cause of the problem seems to be my running an unneeded Windows service, but it could have been a tiny registry glitch. I should track down the precise cause, by more trial-and-error repairs, but rebooting Windows XP gets old real fast.

NOTE: I ran the driver-checking utility mentioned on the site, but outdated drivers were NOT the cause.

Anyway, if you are dogged by a pesky svchost.exe error that won’t go away, try the repairs listed on the site. I wish I had found them several days ago.