Wedding of the Century

Prince William gets that accolade because his parents’ wedding was a whopping 30 years ago — very last century.

The bride’s gown was far beyond those shown on Say Yes to the Dress, yet it didn’t have any Swarovski crystals on it to make her feel like a royal… Oh, wait now Kate Middleton is a royal. Just custom-designed lace, a diamond tiara, a sensible-length train carried by an adult — not a bevy of six-year olds as in Princess Diana’s case. (At one point, they just rolled it up and tossed into her coach, because everything is perfectly timed and did not allow for proper handling by the very young bridesmaids. )

Prince Williams wore the striking scarlet uniform of a colonel in the Irish Guards. He is commissioned in the Guards, the Army and the RAF. I think it was largely a fashion decision to look less somber next to his bride, in her much anticipated elaborate wedding dress. He served more time in the RAF and has only attained the honorary Irish Guard affiliation this year.

Of course, the whole historic event may all be designed by committees and cabals to suit current protocols.

There were several good moments: the groom’s difficulty placing that wedding band on her finger — again very modest and sensible. It’s maybe 3mm wide. I’ve seen the Duchess of Binghamton with gaudier rings. No need to overdo it with a diamond band, as her engagement ring was the groom’s mother’s — an 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring, easily big enough to look fake.

The Queen looked lovely in a springtime yellow dress with matching hat. There were two interesting queenly formalities shown in the broadcast. The Queen did not sing “God Save the Queen.” God save me? Really! (She doesn’t issue herself a passport, either.) And when the newlywed Duchess of Cambridge — and future queen herself — cursied before her, the Queen smiled.

P.S. I guessed the bride’s height. Much shorter than Prince William’s 6′ 3″, she is 5′ 10″.