WordPress x 2: don’t do it

Sloppily. I recently tried to convert my main site to WordPress, installing a new WP in

Seth Godin’s Without a Keyboard

You can’t create the spreadsheet that changes an industry on a smart phone. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2014/09/without-a-keyboard.html

Funny copywriting blog

http://wondergrow.com/blog/ That’s the address of Kelly Parkinson’s copy blog. With topics like the 34 stages of

Feed validator.org. Yay!

After spending a few hours trying to discover why my standard WordPress installation wasn’t generating a

Sushi.com Unsold??

The fabulous top-level domain sushi.com was up for bids at flippa.com. The buy it now was

Ad Age’s Advertising Century — The 100 Best People

Ad Age has compiled an impressive list of the 100 best ad people. It includes celebs

No more ketchup stuck in the bottle

A scientist at MIT — OK, the Varanasi Research Group — has come up with a

World’s Smallest Movie

It’s done by and for IBM, which claims that the pixels in the commercial are individual

Breakthrough visual ads

I never knew Denver was all that dry. Please don’t let Tucson Water folks see this.

Interesting blog about freelance writing

It’s by Loolwa Khazzoom. Good straight-forward clear writing and good I-wish-I’d-asked-that interview questions. She writes about