50 Top British TV Spots Chosen

The UK’s Advertising Producers’ Association has released its annual list of the 50 best commercials. See them at AdRants.

That fantasy flying diesel from Honda (by Weider & Kennedy UK) looks like a Disneyland dream. (Personal skepticism: ok, Honda’s diesel is clean and quiet, but is it fast?)

The Stella d’Artois spot from Lowe London is a major WWI epic. A “reassuringly expesive” spot to produce, I think.

Is that “big and agile” gymnast wearing a fat suit? (He’s selling a “big and agile” Skoda SUV.) You be the judge.

The Return of the Train spot by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y & R incorporates scenes from Hitchcock’s North by Northwest to sell a fast, new Virgin Train service. Using a terrific movie to sell a product without a big stretch of “borrowed interest” is seldom accomplished.

All in all, these are awfully intriguing commercials and easily worth the 2 Euro membership fee.