Backroom politics celebrated

I have been watching a documentary made years ago about the Clinton-Bush campaign. It’s The War Room, and it takes place in the nerve center for the Clinton campaign.

After all this time, it looks even smarter than it must have when it first hit the movie screens. The first topic to be shown is the Gennifer Flowers scandal — a foreshadowing of the Monica nightmare many years later that so tainted Clinton and his presidency. (Even the filmmakers Pennebaker and Hegedus are surprised how many things they got right. They filmed Carville “who looked like somebody’s drunken uncle”* just because he was so interesting (and outspoken) without realizing at first that he was the number one man running Clinton’s campaign.)

You get an upclose view of the backroom pols fighting to win the White House. The stars of the movie are James Carville and George Stephanopoulos, as they are put to the fire over by the latest stories in the newspaper. (Stephanopoulos, of course, later became Clinton’s first press secretary.)

Whichever way you voted or however you feel about Mr. Bill, this is an eye opening film about the political process in America.

For more edetails, see Sephanopoulos book All Too Human.

* This is a direct quote from D.A. Pennebaker.