Cool gadgets in TV shows

Why do I have so many ridiculously bright flashlights? I do not conduct a neighborhood patrol, either armed or unarmed.

Darnit. It’s CSI and its hybrids, each in a different city. Those pricey little crime scene investigation flashlights are everywhere in the show. (They seem to reveal smudged prints across a park at night.) Heck, why don’t they just give a toll-free number to order them during the credits?*

Wired has an article talking about the “infiltration” of Cisco Systems ™ high-tech security-video phones into 24. It’s a barter deal: Cisco has provided networking equipment for the show for years, without disclosing the details of their agreement.

Apparently, many companies are starting to barrage TV shows with tech gadgets that might make it into a future episode.

Nowadays, it’s not advertising, it’s “branded entertainment” woven into the show. (See my earlier comments on product placement, back when ET was a pup.)

* Oops, I spoke too soon. There’s technology afoot that will let you to order a product with the click of your remote.