Judith Miller’s Op Ed in The NY Times

As mentioned yesterday in this blog, Times reporter Judith Miller has been given space to explain herself in the wake of her long-negotiated resignation from the paper.

In the Op Ed piece, she explains her decision to leave the Times after a distingushed 28-year career there.

She states her 85 days in jail for contempt for refusing to reveal her sources is more than twice as long a any other US journalist.

She agreed to testify only on the Valerie Plame Wilson matter , and only after Scooter Libby released her from her pledge of confidentiality. Once that was done, she did testify.

Some on Times felt she never should have testified, even if it meant she would be obstructing a serious investigation and therefore, would have been charged with obstruction of justice, a serious crime in itself.

The paper in response to the impasse between the court and Ms. Miller has advocated a Federal shield law to allow reporters to protect their sources without facing this level of legal coercion.

She has website, further discussing these matters, JudithMiller.org