Tonight’s Push Poll

A push poll is a negative campaign trick to besmirch your political opponent by tying them to something negative and conducting a bogus poll to spread the misinformation. For example, “I’m calling to take a poll on my opponent’s eating children for breakfast.” Assumes a fact not in evidence.

Tonight I received a seemingly innocent phone call. It was a political poll conducted by Citzens United.

United for or against what or whom, they didn’t reveal.

It was a poll about the ACLU and NAMBLA. I refused to answer the poll “questions,” but I did ask a few questions of my own. Like who the heck are you.

Citizens United is a right-wing group that seems to feel America would be better if it were more to the right. I don’t agree with that as I am a moderate, but in today’s climate this makes me somehow a Commie whacko.

From reading the ACLU site, it seems that the ACLU did defend the right of NAMBLA to have a website advocating its repellent sexual beliefs. (NAMBLA is the North American Man Boy Love Association. I do understand why no one would advocate these practices in South America or other parts of the world.)

But here’s the thing. Is this a news story right from today’s headlines? No, it is a five-year story dug up solely to attack the ACLU.

I am not a member of the ACLU, but I don’t favor attacking it in this way with a push poll, or as I call it, an attack poll.

This push poll is a scurrilous method used by Citizens United. It pushed me all right: away from Citizens United and towards the ACLU.