Voting — a Free Lottery Ticket?

Arizona has placed a proposition on its ballot that could make a random voter a millionaire. Prop 200 proposes a million dollar lottery every two years for a lucky Arizona voter.

This would certainly increase voter turnout. A local Arizona newspaper has decried the idea, saying it doesn’t want uninformed voters. But maybe the winner will be a reader of your fine publication.

Honestly, the odds of winning a voter lottery are far better than the normal state lotteries.In 2004, about 2 million Arizonans voted so the odds of winning are 1 in 2 million. The odds of winning PowerBall are 1 in 146 million.

It makes voting seem like a good deal. (I believe they could speed up the state’s ballot counting by just looking at my ballot, and announcing the winners to be those for whom I didn’t vote. The last President for whom I voted was Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt.)

Now if they could just cut down on ballot propositions. This year, Arizona topped the nation with nineteen — including two each on land conservation and banning smoking in various places.

See this New York Times article: