where’s the beef?

Amazingly, I just found out who wrote Where’s the beef? advertising campaign, the wonderful 80’s Wendy’s commercials done at Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample.

According to Aaron Dickey, an Associated Press reporter writing in a newsgroup, the was Cliff Freeman and the director was Joe Sedelmaier. (I knew the Sedelmaier part already.) Cliff Freeman and Partners created a commercial that won a 2004 ANDY.

Best TV commercials

I just discovered a site with lots of TV commercials to watch. You can vote on your favorites. ( lectureon They are not in the advertising business, and you can tell because they call TV commercials ads, not spots. As you know, an ad is not broadcast. lectureoff)

On my system tonight, this advertising site seems less robust than the great ad blog and commercial repository that is http://www.adrag.com . That site is run out of Denmark by a Swedish lady. Adrag has a US branch as well. It has more than its share of weird European TV spots to watch, enjoy and maybe learn some marketing from.