Radar Magazine 2

The September issue of Radar magazine, which I mentioned yesterday, shows on its cover a Risky Business photo of Tom Cruise in his underwear being pierced by arrows. I was reminded of a medieval painting of a saint and was trying to find a painting of St. Sebastian.

I was wrong. The closest example to the Cruise cover is a cover of Esquire done by ad legend George Lois. It shows Cassius Clay Mohammed Ali pierced by arrows exactly like the new Cruise cover. (It was so long ago, 1968, I thought it was before Ali changed his name.)

I have a coffeetable book of George Lois’s work too, but I try not to steal so directly. In fact, the Ali image is on the spine of the dustjacket for Lois’s The Art of Advertising. You don’t have to even open the book to plagiarize from Mr. Lois.

To the Radar editor: did you think that blatant copying would pass under the radar?