Cruise Scientology Interview

Radar Magazine, which I think I’ve quoted before, has just come out an issue featuring Tom Cruise.

He’s the cover boy of the magazine. But the article is not too kind, as the topic is Mr. Cruise’s recent ravings about Scientology in the media while supposedly promoting the movie of H. G. Well’s classic novel, War of the Worlds.*

The article has a picture of Tom’s jump-up-on-the-couch-and-scream TV appearance. Rather than attacking psychoactive drugs, he needs them. Valium ™ can be a great comfort.

The article details his rapid rise up the Scientology “Bridge,” I mean, ladder. (Founder L. Ron Hubbard was fond of ships. A 500-acre Scientology resort features huge ship replicas. The highest levels of Scientlogy staff are called the Sea Organization.) After a rough time at some of the lower levels of the church, Cruise was given a respite, because the church didn’t want to lose its most famous believer.

Why would anyone need a break from Scientology? At one level of its teaching, you are told about history of the evil thetans — aliens survivors from an intergalactic disaster — who have poisoned the human spirit for many centuries.

The article is excepted on the Radar website.

* Note: I have real problems with that film separate from Cruise’s starring role: it exploits 9/11 images to give authenticity to its horrors. Of course, they are not actual 9/11 images — which would kept audiences away — but Spielberg’s recreations of them: for example, the posted photos of missing people.